Half a Ton of CO2


This is a company in South Africa that is making a positive contribution to the planet and is indeed a model for all of us
The Newsclip head office is a stand alone building with 206 employees. This is fairly fitting, as 220 solar panelsare installed, which equates to almost one employee per panel. These panels will off-set approximately 92 tons of CO2 per year through a 50kWp DC photovoltaic system that produces an estimated 90 000 AC kWh of electrical energy. 92 tons of carbon dioxide is equivalent to electricity usage that 10.4 average households would use over the space of one year.
A large balloon model of what half a CO2 ton actually looks like, been constructed and placed alongside the solar panels, so interested ordinary folk can see the scale of how much CO2 will be saved yearly.
When people drive to work every day, heat their water, turn their lights on and off and run their household appliances, they do not realise or understand the amount of carbon dioxide they produce. The balloon, something people can see and touch, will help generate a better understanding of this and motivate folk to lower their own carbon footprint.

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  1. Brian
    March 7, 2012 at 10:41 am #

    I agree, if people were just less lazy it would it would help agreat deat,lovely site.

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